C.S.Peterson made his living in the oil business, but his heart was in baseball. He scouted for various pro and semi-pro clubs, started his own sandlot team, and coached still more teams, all for the love of the game. In 1930 he developed the modern scoring system of numbering the player positions, and made up a scorebook for his own use. As the other coaches in his league saw how he was keeping records, they wanted copies of his scorebook for their teams. Soon coaches from other local leagues were requesting copies as well. Well before long distance communication was common, sportscasters would go to afternoon baseball games many miles away from their radio stations, keep score in the Scoremaster Scorebook, then return to recreate the baseball games for their local radio audience that evening. Many a baseball fan listened to games called pitch by pitch, complete with sound effects, which were recreated by the sportscaster and the Scoremaster Baseball Scorebook hours after that game had actually been completed.

When C.S.Peterson's sons, Tom and Jack, returned from WWII, they saw the opportunity to turn their father's scorebook into a business. With the support of several sporting goods stores in the Los Angeles area, and later the assistance of large distributors such as Rawlings, Spalding and Wilson, they did exactly that. Currently, the Scoremaster line of scorebooks is sold nationally and internationally. That initial print run of 4 books has now blossomed into print runs of several hundred thousand books at a time.

If you haven't used a Scoremaster Scorebook yet, treat yourself to the best and try one. If you currently are using a Scoremaster, you already know why they are considered the best on the planet. Ask your local Sporting Goods Dealer for a Scoremaster. If they don't have them in stock, they can get them through a number of various sporting goods distributors across the country, or they can contact us directly at our 800 number. Scoremaster Company is listed in the NSGA Buying Guide for the dealer's convenience.

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